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10 SEP 2020

Omexom will renovate HV line and build substations in Hægebostad

The client is Agder Energi Nett AS.

10 SEP 2020

NewsOmexom The future is here!

Morgan, Marius Aleksander, Robin, Thomas, Amanda Siv Johanne, Roksana, Adelina and Vetle are this year's new apprentices in Omexom. Welcome!

10 SEP 2020

NewsOmexom Omexom to operate traffic lights for Nordre Follo

For the next four years, Omexom Norway will operate the road lighting system for Nordre Follo municipality

19 MAY 2020

NewsOmexom New Lighting for St. Hanshaugen

144 new lampposts make St. Hanshaugen in Oslo appear in new light.

19 MAY 2020

NewsOmexom Building Energy Efficiency

Building is Trondheimsveien 184 on Sinsen, one of the more well-known combination buildings in Oslo

19 MAY 2020

NewsOmexom Adding search cable

On Tromøya near Arendal, the Taraldsnes mains must be strengthened. Sea cable over Seikilen is the solution.

19 MAY 2020

NewsOmexom High voltage cables in Sweden

Omexom Norway replaces high voltage cables in Sweden.