Bjerkreim Southern Cluster

In the wind for the future

In the Bjerkreim Sothern Cluster project in Rogaland Omexom Norway business unit Distribution South/East has planned and build internal infrastructure to transport the power to the electricity grid and to the consumers.

The wind turbines in Bjerkreim Southern Cluster are located in Hå and Bjerkreim municipality and consist of a total of 70 wind turbines that will produce power corresponding to the consumption of 55,000 households (about 1 TWh).

Omexom Norway is engaged as a subcontractor to VEO AS, which is responsible for the EPC project in Bjerkreim. Omexom has contributed to the design and design of cable and fiber systems, and in other words, in short, connected the cables that run between the 70 wind turbines and into the wind turbines’ common transformer station. In sheer numbers, this has meant digging and laying of approximately 215,000 meters of 36 kV cable and about 51,000 meters of grounding, as well as delivering and installing 20 high voltage cabinets, 188 touch-safe end terminals and about 30 pieces. 36 kV joints.

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