Circle K

Building new charging stations for Circle K

The new charging station at Circle K at Fjellhamar outside Oslo has in a short time become very popular. Omexom Norway, business unit e-mobility, has contributed to the construction of this station and is helping to ensure safe and reliable operation in the years to come.

Omexom Norway has signed an agreement with Circle K Norge AS to build new charging stations around the country. Circle K is now stepping up its focus on charging stations for electric cars, expanding charging capacity on several stations, in addition to investing in home charging and at businesses.

Omexom Norway is the Nordic region’s leading player and expert on the construction of charging stations for electric cars. The agreement entered with Circle K Norway allows for the construction of new charging stations in connection with Circle K stations. The construction will be done in close collaboration with other companies engaged by Circle K to build complete charging stations, such as excavators and project managers.


In addition to designing and setting up the charging stations, Omexom Norway will also perform maintenance, initially for a period of two years.

One of the new charging stations Omexom Norway has projected is Circle K at Alexander Kiellands Plass in Oslo, the first petrol station in the world to replace all fossil pumps with electrical chargers.


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