Reserve power at any occasion

Omexom Norway to supply various plants on land with electricity during a military exercise.

50,000 soldiers, 250 aircraft and 65 vessels from more than 30 nations participated in NATO’s large-scale exercise, Trident Juncture 2018 in mid-Norway. When the exercise was recently evaluated, Omexom Norway’s business unit Critical Power Supply appears to be an important contributor to the exercise’s success.

A military exercise on Trident Juncture 2018 is a huge logistics operation. Omexom Norway’s job was to supply various plants on land with electricity.

“We used a test station (temporary transport station), between 40 and 50 distribution cabinets and five kilometers of cable at work. Logistics is also one of our everyday lives, all employees in the department also know what job to do when. Recently, we received a certificate that we did a good job during the NATO exercise. Of course, we really appreciate that, for the entire reserve power team, this is a recognition for the work we do”, says BU-manager Ove Lende.

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