Special transport demanding quick disconnection of grid

Cooperation, expertise and precision.

Good planning. Skilled employees with cutting-edge expertise. Cooperation. Three ingredients that are absolutely crucial when the power lines need to be removed, raised or disconnected during special transport on Norwegian roads. Omexom Norway, business unit Distribution Grid, contributed when Fosby Kran AS in Sarpsborg at night drove a special transport from Slåttland Mekaniske Industri at Rudskogen to Borg Harbor in Fredrikstad. The special transport consisted of 6 trucks with cargo up to 7 meters in height, as well as escort cars from police, Relacom and Omexom Norway. In total, the column measured over 250 meters.

“During such assignments, our role is to either raise the wiring, take it down for a short period of time – in addition to bubbling out the current in the area in question. It must be done quickly and efficiently so that the power is lost for as short a time as possible in the relevant local area. In today’s society, the shortest possible downtime is important, no matter what time of day it is. In addition, the police often have to block the road during transport. We have teased good routines for these types of jobs in our department”, says production manager Linda-Marie Jørgensen in Omexom Norway.

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