The future is here!

Morgan, Marius Aleksander, Robin, Thomas, Amanda Siv Johanne, Roksana, Adelina and Vetle are this year's new apprentices in Omexom. Welcome!

From left: Morgan Gulbrandsen Veidal, Marius Aleksander Tærud, Robin Olerud Brørby, Thomas Aamodt Foss, Amanda Siv Johanne Kristiansen, Roksana Wyrzycka, Adelina Lindi, Vetle Baug and director Espen Tufte.

Now awaits a six-week introductory course with training in a safe environment, with training in the use of tools and safety equipment, distribution of personal protective equipment, tools and workwear, health, environment and safety and work in mast, work with cables, joints and distribution cabinets, work with splicing equipment and work with station systems. Jørn-Yngve Jensen is responsible for vocational training.

The apprentices in Omexom Norway become energy fitters when they pass the trade test. As an energy fitter, you can work with voltage levels from 230V to 420 kV. The apprentices rotate every 6 months between different departments, specializing towards the end of the training. Then within either regional network or distribution network.

To become an energy fitter, you must have a background in electrical engineering or electrical energy in upper secondary school.

It is just as fun every autumn to welcome new apprentices. Many want to start in "learning" with us. We are part of a large group, which offers many opportunities. For us, it is a matter of course to show responsibility and take on apprentices, at any given time we have between 20 and 30 apprentices. We have for a number of years focused on apprentices, it has only been a positive journey.

Jørn-Yngve Jensen Responsible for vocational training, Omexom Norway

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