Actemium: expert in industrial performance

Actemium, an active participant in the move to smart industry, is the VINCI Energies brand dedicated to industrial processes. Operating throughout the equipment life cycle, Actemium designs, implements and maintains its customers’ production equipment with the goal of continuously improving their performance.

Operating throughout the entire industrial life cycle, offering advice, design, implementation and maintenance, Actemium innovates, in order to support the long-term development of industrial customers, in a sustainable way.

The focus is on improving the industrial performance and competitiveness of our customers, by:

  • Optimizing productivity
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Increasing the availability and sustainability of facilities
  • Streamlining maintenance organization and costs


Conductor: Norwegian Local Brand


In Norway, Actemium operates under the local brand Conductor.

Conductor’s strength lies in years of experience working for different industries in the fields of electrical engineering and instrumentation. Conductor provide installations for the wood processing, chemistry and metallurgic industries. The work involves everything from full-package solutions – responsibility for engineering, installation, testing, commissioning instrument calibration on pressure and temperature equipment.

Conductor AS works in various professional fields such as industry, infrastructure, energy, municipal engineering, shipping/offshore and public parks, streets and skate parks.

Human resources and expertise are Conductors most important commodity. The expertise of the employees grows with the level of quality and complexity of the installations and solutions. This allows expansion of services and provide the employees with a creative and inspiring working environment.

Conductor AS is based in Sarpsborg. It was founded in 2007 and has been part of Vinci Energies Group since 2017.

Global presence, local approach

With an international network of 300 autonomous business units in 38 countries around the world, yet located nearby their customers, Actemium combines the strength of a global presence with the uniqueness of a local approach.

We offer a wide yet profound expertise and experience that can be implemented throughout the entire project life cycle. From advise up to maintenance, including design, engineering and execution, and in all aspects of your project: instrumentation, electricity, automation, testing & commissioning, shutdowns & revision, maintenance contracts, drives & motion and ICT.

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